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Infrared Temperature Measurement Level I – For Individuals – $50 – Includes Participation Certificate

Infrared Temperature Measurement Level I – For Individuals – $50 – Includes Participation Certificate

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Welcome to our Infrared (IR) Temperature Measurement Course Level I.

This course is meant for individuals who desire a basic understanding of correct infrared (IR) temperature measurement protocols.  Our Level II course is intended for businesses and agencies and is more in-depth.

This course includes quizzes, and if you score 80%, you will receive a formal certificate of participation issued by the AAT.  The certificate is auto-generated at the end of the course and made available immediately as a downloadable/printable PDF.


The objectives of the American Academy of Thermology are to establish and maintain standards and guidelines of excellence in the practice of medical thermology, for education and research in thermology, and to promote and encourage contributions to the medical and scientific literature pertaining to thermology.

Therefore, upon completion of this course, to receive your formal AAT Certificate of Participation, you will be asked to confirm that you agree to follow the recommendations set forth by this course.

  • Completion of the AAT Fever Screening Training Program is meant to convey demonstration of minimal competence in IR skin temperature measurement for fever screening implementation and procedures.
  • These programs are designed to help students to learn about IR temperature measurement for fever screening.
  • The authors, publishers, distributors, and all contributors to the AAT Fever Screening Training and Attestation Course disclaim any liability for any damage or injury of any kind that may result from the use or misuse of the information contained within.
  • Copyright subsists on all reproductions or recordings issued under this label and prohibits unauthorized broadcasting, public performance, copying or re-recording in any manner whatsoever is prohibited, not to be resold, hired out, exchanged or leased without prior written permission of the AAT.


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